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Thiết bị bể L - J Engineering

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Van Bảo Toàn (Áp suất/ chân không) 94020
The Shand & Jurs Model 94020 Conservation Vent is designed utilizing over 90 years of experience in producing high quality and dependable conservation fittings. Continued design improvements provide these vents with high efficiency, maximum flow capacity, and minimum leakage. The easily serviceable configuration and light weight construction reduces maintenance and installation costs.
Van khẩn cấp 94510
The Shand & Jurs Model 94510 Magnavent is a pressure operated emergency vent designed specifically to meet the NFPA ruling on venting requirements for small storage tanks. An economically designed and priced unit, the principle of operation is based on a unique magnetic latch. The pressure setting is accomplished by an Alnico permanent magnet attached to the base acting on a magnetic stainless steel plate on the hinged cover. As the pressure increases, the force required to overcome the magnetic attraction between the base and cover inc
Van khẩn cấp lò xo 94250
The Shand & Jurs 94250 Spring Loaded Emergency Vent is an economical solution to emergency venting on higher pressure tanks where weight palletted systems are impractical. The springs provide a tighter, more economical seal for higher operating pressures. The constant force of the springs immediately reseat the pallet after the overpressure is relieved. This minimizes VOCs and odor emissions.
Van khẩn cấp và lỗ thoát ( Áp Suất/ Chân không) 94225
The Shand & Jurs Model 94225 Emergency Vent and Manhole Cover provides emergency relief of excessive internal pressure and vacuum beyond that provided by tank conservation vent requirements. The weight loaded pressure vent section employs a flexible diaphragm or an Expanda-Seal diaphragm (option), which provides a tight seal between the pallet and seat. Special diaphragm materials are available for most product environments. Corrosion resistant pressure/vacuum seat is standard.
Van khẩn cấp và nắp thoát ( có lắp bản lề) 94210
The Shand & Jurs Model 94210 Emergency Vent and Manhole Cover is an economical solution to emergency venting requirements where intermediate pressure settings are required. The design of Model 94210 employs a flexible diaphragm affording a tight seal between the pallet and the corrosion resistant seat below set pressure. This also assures low leakage. The diaphragm is intended for normal ambient temperature storage. Special diaphragms for tanks storing products other than oils and gasoline are available. When set pressure is achieve